Introducing Spring Break Guides

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For many college students in the U.S., spring break is a 24/7 rager spent in Cabo San Lucas (as seen in frat guys’ instas), Florida (as seen in the crazy movie Spring Breakers), and other notorious party locations. Though I never opted to spend my breaks quite like this, I did seize the opportunity to travel elsewhere during spring break – to unconventional locations, such as Japan and Thailand. Now don’t get me wrong, just because I didn’t rage in Cabo for spring break, doesn’t mean my friends and I didn’t have wild nights out on the town. But in cities like Tokyo, London, Bangkok, etc. you have a more reasonable blend between party culture and culture culture.

In addition to spring break, I also explored other places during my winter and summer vacations, but given the calendar constraints, I never spent an extended period of time at one destination. A week was usually the standard and thus gave me this idea to create “Spring Break Guides” centered around week-long itineraries in cities that I’ve personally visited. With these guides, I hope to provide you with many travel tips and tricks, activities, food options and more, each broken down by neighborhood, so that you can efficiently explore what interests you!